Green Web Development

Readying the web for the low carbon future

If the internet was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter*

Websites and apps are run by servers, which are essentially computers running all day everyday. The electricity that powers them come from the grid, which is currently only powered in small part by renewables. Instead of waiting for the grid be 100% clean, we must start reducing the power consumption of websites today.

Further reading: “Your website is killing the planet” – Wired Magazine
*Source: Total ICT emissions compared to carbon emission by country

Why is my website so polluting?

The reality is that many websites are not built with sustainability in mind. As a result, they are typically heavier than it needs to be. To illustrate one of many causes: lines of code that are only needed in one page, are loaded on all pages of a CMS-based website. The more things need to load, the more computational power the servers need, therefore more electricity being used.

To see an estimate of how much emissions are coming from your site, visit Fun fact: this webpage you’re reading emits 0.18g of CO2, cleaner than 86% of other pages tested.

What we can do for you

Design & Development

With a lean philosophy behind the scenes, your site can be more compact and load much faster. Satisfying both your visitors and the planet.

This will not compromise the user’s experience, as our UX development will ensure ease of use.


We can also help you host your site on a web hosting provider with sustainable practices. In addition to the code, your website will become even greener both in power consumption and source.

By using supply and demand, switching to green hosting will work towards influencing more providers around the world to adopt green power.


Despite how this popular CMS is deemed ‘old’, we have a way of green-ifying your website if WordPress suits your business needs. This way, you don’t need to adopt a learning curve.

If you’re open to other CMS platforms, we would be happy to introduce one created fundamentally different to reduce the necessary processing power to operate.

Green without compromise

Fast Loading

When your website is lighter, both your visitors and the planet will be happier.

SEO Friendly

Loading speed is a big factor for Google Search rankings.


Easily add and edit your site content. Or, if you want, we can help too.


If you need your own online shop, no problem.

High Compatibility

Your website will work on any modern device of any size.

Custom Solutions

Looking for something outside the box? We’re all ears.

Do you need…

A new site from the ground up

We can develop one for you. From design to content to code.

Your existing site optimized

We can speed up the site while leaving things intact.

Your website hosting provider green-ified

We can migrate your site to a hosting provider that buys renewable energy.

Your other digital operations green-ified

We can help you with that too.

80+ Page Speed

Get a Google PageSpeed Insights score of at least 80. Great for user experience and SEO.

Green Badge

Get the official badge from the Green Web Foundation, by hosting your site with us. (Ours is at the footer blow)

Carbon Reduction

By having a lighter, faster site, less computing power is required, therefore less carbon released into the air.


Zero Waste Malaysia

A transformation in the code behind the scenes.

CV Capital

A living example of a no-frills site.

Green-ify your website

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