Sustainability Consulting for Small Business

Putting the Planet side-by-side with Profits.

In our fight against climate change, Puregreen digital aims to decarbonize our digital lives. On top of that, we can also help reduce the carbon impact of small and medium businesses. By achieving net zero, your business can become socially and environmentally responsible. Therefore gaining the confidence of consumers.

Reduce Electricity Bills

When your business consumes less power, it helps both your bottom line and the planet.

Reduce Waste

Why maintain expenses on resources when you can reuse and reduce?

Form a ‘Green Chain’

A strategy for both your customers and suppliers to ensure impact.

How it works


Document current circumstances through interviews and a site visit.

A baseline must first be established to track progress towards sustainability. In this stage, we evaluate sources of carbon emissions from your organization:

  • Energy Usage
  • Thermal Assessment
  • Employee Transport
  • IT & Communications
  • Supply Chain


We then create a plan of action to reduce carbon emissions.

  • A customized strategy that addresses the above points
  • Applies to premises of small to medium sizes: offices, retail spaces, residences


Applying the strategy into practice, together.

In the process of turning the plan into execution, we are with you all the way. You may choose any part of the strategy to pursue, but all of it will be ideal for the sake of the planet. It may involve one or more of the following:

  • Employee guides for sustainable practices
  • Waste reduction & recycling programs
  • Low-carbon services for communications and records
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Smart controls for lighting and appliances
  • Light renovation

The time to decarbonize is now

272 million

Tons of CO2 have been emitted in Malaysia in 2020. That’s a higher number than Thailand.


Of total energy consumed in Malaysia in 2019 is non-renewable.


Estimated annual losses from vulnerability to natural hazards. The majority of which is flood.

Be a part of the solution